Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A.
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Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A.
Call (954) 462-8850

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Phone: (954) 462-8850
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About Us


We are a passionate and hardworking law firm that provides ethical counseling and legal representation to our clients in the pursuit of innovative legal solutions at a reasonable cost.


  • Commitment – we deliver on our promises and consistently follow-up to ensure that everything is completed in accordance with the commitments we made.
  • Accountability – our accountability reflects our current commitment; when a mistake is made, we find a way to make it right with no excuses
  • Initiative – we appreciate effort and set challenging goals and see them through. We won’t sit idle until we achieve our goals.
  • Communication – we communicate clearly and often with our clients to foster a relationship of trust guiding them every step of the way until a resolution is attained.
  • Quality – we take pride in everything we do, constantly striving to achieve better results. We will not settle for mediocrity.
  • Gratitude – we are thankful and appreciative of clients who have placed their trust in us
  • Empathetic – we don’t criticize others. Instead, we seek to see things from the other’s viewpoint.
  • Professional – we are candid, trustworthy and ethical. We treat colleagues, clients, and opposing counsel with respect.  When others go low, we stay high.
  • Solution oriented – we focus on solutions, not problems. We do not blame others. When things go awry, we learn and improve to avoid the same mistake in the future.
  • Team – we function as a team. We capture and capitalize on the synergies, creativity and energies of our teammates to generate outstanding results.
  • Fun – we focus on not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun along the way.