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Fort Lauderdale Construction Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Construction Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Construction Lawyer

Construction law, a specialized area of law, is unfamiliar to most people who are unaware of how vital it is to the successful development and building process and the numerous legal issues it encompasses. The attorneys at Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. are well versed in these issues and the associated complexities, and they know it is often necessary to have experienced construction attorneys representing them on every level of a construction project.

This area of law addresses various matters concerning the construction process and the disputes that can arise between the parties working on a building project, including disputes involving planners, surveyors, architects, engineers, builders, construction workers, financial institutions, suppliers of materials, laborers, and others associated with the building process.

Some Fundamentals of Construction Law

Construction law deals with a broad scope of legal matters which include, but is not limited to, contract, bonds and bonding, sureties, negligence, liens, construction claims, construction defects, employment or labor disputes, real estate, and other legal concerns. The legal matters that may result can arise under federal, state, and local jurisdictions.

Some safety regulations and laws, along with employment laws, which address building site safety requirements and employment practices, arise under state or federal law.  Environmental concerns can also fall under the local jurisdictions in the county or city level when dealing with matters such as high noise levels that are created by construction sites and zoning regulations. Sometimes, the legal problems that occur can simultaneously fall under all three jurisdictions, such as acquiring planning or building permits; building site accidents or injuries; or contract disagreements.

The Construction Attorney is Indispensable

Because construction projects are expensive and complex, there is a high probability for legal matters to arise. Most legal disputes that occur in the construction business are due to financial reasons, usually the breaching of contracts and the filing of liens. It happens often that the building project didn’t stay on schedule or stay within the budget, causing more money to be spent than was stipulated in the contract. It also common that contractors or laborers performed subpar work, so they weren’t paid because the finished work was below expectations. All parties involved in a construction project where legal matters arise, have legal options they can pursue in the interest of seeking justice, or if they are put in the position of needing a legal defense.

Fort Lauderdale Construction Lawyer Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A.

The law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. has a successful record of practicing construction law and surety law in the state of Florida. Though Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. is a Fort Lauderdale-based law firm, the firm takes on clients throughout the state of Florida. Our attorneys handle all phases of commercial contracting and construction defect disputes in state and federal court as well as in arbitration, from the pre-litigation phases through post judgment and collection issues.

We have represented clients on every level of the construction process including surety, real estate, bankruptcy, and employment law, and always with the primary goal of protecting our client’s rights. To get valuable legal advice and representation from an experienced Florida Construction Lawyer, who will be there to provide support to our clients dealing with complicated construction issues, contact the law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A for a consultation with an attorney.

Our attorneys are committed to standing behind our clients as their cases progress, protecting their rights, advising them of their legal options, and representing them to the best of our abilities. To schedule a consultation, call us at (954) 462-8850. Or email us at, or fill out the form and send a message to the attorneys at Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. at our “Contact Us” page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.