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Fort Lauderdale Construction Arbitration

Fort Lauderdale Construction Arbitration

The Right Solutions for Fort Lauderdale Construction Arbitration

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale construction arbitration lawyer is the most practical way to ensure that your interests are represented in these legal proceedings. At Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A., we offer the best help for our clients in managing arbitration and ensuring the best outcomes for their cases. Our team will work with you to determine the best approach to your situation and your case.

What Is Construction Arbitration?

Some construction contracts include a requirement for arbitrated settlements of disputes between parties to these contracts. This allows issues to be settled through an out-of-court process that involves an impartial arbitrator from an organization that specializes in these types of decision-making processes. The American Arbitration Association is a preferred choice for many construction companies and their clients.

The Arbitration Process

Rather than presenting their evidence and arguments before a judge in a court of law, the parties in arbitration proceedings plead their cases before an arbitrator in accordance with the arbitration clause included in the contract. This clause typically spells out the terms and rules that must be used by the arbitrator to decide the case. Your attorney will provide you with the legal representation and support necessary to present your side of the story to the arbitrator in the most effective way.

Navigating Arbitration

In many cases, working with a Fort Lauderdale construction arbitration lawyer is the most practical way to deal with disputes that require the use of an arbitrator to resolve. The team at Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. will provide you with expert help and a sense of what to expect from the arbitration proceedings. We will work with you to determine the terms of your contract and, if possible, to ensure that all your contracts provide adequate protections for your company.

Fort Lauderdale Construction Arbitration Lawyer Jonathan P. Cohen

If you need the help of a qualified Fort Lauderdale construction arbitration lawyer, call the law offices of Jonathan P. Cohen today at 954-462-8850. Our team will provide you with the right solutions to resolve your arbitration cases and to protect you financially and legally now and in the future.