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At the law offices of Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A., we view litigation and legal representation as a team effort. Our attorneys work together to determine the best approaches to the cases we take on and to ensure the most positive outcomes for our clients. As a leading Florida construction law firm, our focus is on helping you manage your transactions as easily as possible. Here are brief introductions to the members of our legal team.

To touch base with our team or to discuss a case with our Florida construction law firm, give Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. a call today at 954-462-8850. Our legal professionals will be happy to work with you to resolve your legal issues quickly and effectively.

Jonathan P. Cohen, Esq.

As the managing partner of our law firm, Jonathan is a leader both within the organization and in the legal profession. He has the experience and the proven knowledge needed to take cases from start to finish on behalf of contractors, subcontractors and property owners in our area. Jonathan’s strong background in financial matters and construction litigation has made the law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. a trusted partner for businesses throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Surety Bond Attorney

Kelsey K. Black, Esq.

With primary focus on construction and commercial litigation, product liability and cases involving transportation issues, Kelsey K. Black offers a wealth of experience and proven knowledge to help clients achieve their goals and protect themselves legally and financially in and out of court. Kelsey is of counsel for Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. and puts her expertise to work for clients of the firm to ensure the best solutions for commercial litigation, construction defect and contractor disputes and many other aspects of the legal process in our area.

Elizabeth Rivera, Esq.

Elizabeth Rivera, more informally referred to as Lisa, has extensive experience in dealing with bankruptcy, real estate and civil litigation in the state of Florida. Lisa has a Juris Doctor from the College of Law at Stetson University and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has been employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, which allows Lisa to provide accurate and actionable information for clients in dealing with government processes and procedures.

Tammy Kalasz

As the firm administrator for the law offices of Jonathan P. Cohen. P.A., Tammy Kalasz provides the essential services and support needed to keep cases flowing smoothly through our organization. Tammy has a solid background in construction law, insurance litigation and other legal matters related to commercial and real estate law. This ensures that she can provide the best and most practical support for our team and our clients.