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Broward County Construction Lawyer

Broward County Construction Lawyer

The Benefits of Consulting a Broward County Construction Lawyer

Broward County is second only to Miami-Dade County in population for the state of Florida. This vibrant area is home to almost two million people and offers plenty of housing and employment opportunities for residents. Construction companies in our area engage in a wide range of building activities, including commercial projects and private homes. Working with a Broward County construction lawyer can ensure that all contracts and legal aspects of the construction process are handled in the best and most practical way possible.

Understanding Construction Contracts

Most construction projects begin with a contract between the property owner and the firm that will be responsible for building on the property. These contracts represent the agreements made between two or more parties to build or to renovate properties. The provisions of the construction contract typically include the following:

  • The way in which the work will be compensated, including responsibility for any added costs and overages
  • How changes to the scope of work will be handled
  • Insurance requirements for construction companies
  • Whether subcontractors are allowed or required for certain parts of the project

Your Broward construction lawyer can create contracts that protect your company against unexpected issues and that protect your right to financial compensation for the work that your company performs in our area.

Staying on the right side of federal, state and local regulations that govern construction activities is critical to your success in this industry. In many cases, your local construction attorney can provide you with the guidance and the support you need to achieve your goals and to implement the right safety plan for your employees on the job. Your attorney can also alert you to environmental regulations that could affect your projects in Broward County, Florida.

Why You Need a Broward Construction Attorney

Along with drawing up contracts and representing your construction firm in disputes arising from your work activities, your construction lawyer can provide you with assistance in employment and labor issues, construction defects, liens and other matters that could affect your company’s profitability. Your Broward construction lawyer can provide you with the support and advice necessary to keep your construction firm running smoothly.

The law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, P.A. can provide you with the legal help you need for your construction firm. We have the experience and the proven knowledge you need to manage your contracts and projects successfully. Give us a call today at 954-462-8850. We look forward to the chance to serve you.