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Construction Liens Recently Used in Florida for Major Projects

Fort Lauderdale Construction Lien

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The Importance of a Fort Lauderdale Construction Lien Lawyer

Under Florida Statute §§ 713 et seq.,  contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that provide labor, services or materials to improve private, real property have the right to file a mechanics lien when they are not paid for their services. A written contract is not required to file a lien, and contracts can be expressed, implied, written, or oral.

However, not all persons have a right to lien a property in Florida, including sub-sub-subcontractors, suppliers to suppliers,  suppliers to sub-sub-sub contractors, maintenance workers, and unlicensed persons. The rights of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to file liens provide an important avenue for the recovery of money owed. At the law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, PA, an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction lien lawyer can review your situation and help you understand your rights. Here’s a brief look at how construction mechanics liens have recently been used in Florida for major projects.

Disney World and SeaWorld both have reportedly been hit by several construction liens since the pandemic. Both companies owe substantial amounts to contractors, subcontractors, and manufacturers for various rides and construction projects in their various theme parks in Central Florida. The construction liens filed against SeaWorld total around $3.5 million, while the liens against Disney World total approximately $1.2 million for renovation and HVAC work on its Saratoga Springs resort.

In another case, Tutor Perini Building Corp. filed a $7 million lawsuit against a Wurzak Hotel Group affiliate, a developer, alleging that the developer had failed to pay the company for the construction services it had provided in constructing the Dalmar Hotel and the Element Hotel.

The developer filed a $12 million counterclaim against Tutor Perini Building Corp., alleging that the company failed to fix defects and to pay its subcontractors. In the counterclaim, the developer alleges that Tutor Perini Building Corp. failed to meet its deadlines for substantial completion and that subcontractors and suppliers on the project reduced their workforces due to the construction company’s failure to timely pay them for their services. Almost 20 subcontractors and materials suppliers filed liens against the properties, and Tutor Perini also filed a mechanic’s lien, claiming it is owed $7.8 million.

The liens against Disney World, SeaWorld, and the Wurzak Hotel Group demonstrate the rights given to subcontractors, material suppliers, and contractors to file mechanics liens when they are not paid for the work that they perform under contracts. The counterclaim filed by the Wurzak Hotel Group shows the complexities that can be involved in large-scale building projects involving multiple subcontractors and suppliers.

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Construction Lien Lawyer

If your company has not been paid for the work it has performed on a construction project, you should talk to an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction lien lawyer at the law firm of Jonathan P. Cohen, PA. Attorney Jonathan P. Cohen, Esq. has years of experience representing clients through all phases of contract disputes. Call us today at (954) 462-8850 or email at