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Florida Construction Bankruptcy Attorney
Help from a Florida Construction Bankruptcy Attorney The pending bankruptcy case of Elk Ridge Custom Homes will affect dozens of homeowners and home buyers in Sarasota County who paid for home building services they did not receive. The legal action leaves subcontractors, suppliers and homeowners without real recourse in recouping the money lost to this...
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This article was featured in Surety Claims Institute Newsletter 33, no. 3 (September 2019): page 11. To view/download the original article click here. Introduction A performance bond is a type of contract generally subject to the principles of contract interpretation, and the liability of the surety issuing the bond is tied to the language of...
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This article was featured in Fidelity & Surety Law Committee News (Spring 2019) page 9. To view/download the original article click here. What follows is a common scenario: The plaintiff is a general contractor suing your client, an electrician. The general contractor claims your client delayed the project by 222 days. The general contractor is...
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Introduction Expert opinion testimony is often the cornerstone of many construction lawsuit disputes.  It therefore goes without saying that every surety or construction law attorney who has litigated in a Florida state court – whether representing the party making the construction claim or defending it – has had to deal with some aspect of the...
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South Florida Construction Lawyer
All participants involved in a construction project have a lawfully protected interest in the timely completion of a project that is determined by performance and payment. Delays in performance are one of the most frequently litigated issues that occur during construction projects. If you are in South Florida and are experiencing these issues, you will...
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